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Practical Stewardship

Our community, profitability and the health of the planet are all critical to the successful future of our farm. Stewarding these elements drives us to be curious and open-minded about new opportunities while staying grounded in what’s practical, economical and beneficial to our community.


Over the past decade we’ve transitioned 10% of our farm to organic practices but plan to continue managing the rest of our crops with progressive conservation methods as outlined in this video.

Sustainability On Our Farm

Soil Health


The less we disturb the soil the better. We use strip-till and no-till to reduce compaction and let earthworms and natural microorganisms enhance soil structure. Crop rotation, soil sampling and extensive nutrient management practices ensure we precisely manage each acre for optimal health and crop productivity.

Water Management


We’re proud to be a Clean Water Certified farm through the MN Department of Agriculture. We’ve worked hard to implement changes on our farm to prevent erosion and keep more of our soil in our fields. This includes establishing a two-stage ditch with a large settling pond. The creation of Klein Pond through the Blue Earth County Ditch 57 involved farmers, the state of Minnesota and ISG. The result holds more water upstream to prevent erosion and flooding in a fragile watershed.

Pollinator Gardens


We’ve established three pollinator habitats throughout our farm. The bees love the flowers and natural vegetation, which also helps manage waterflow and soil drainage.

The Mapleton community solar garden grew out of a parcel of land that’s not practical for farming. We received a grant to fund the project and now our friends and neighbors in the city receive electricity from the sun. We also use solar panels to power one of our pig facilities and hope to add more to our farm in the future.

Giving Back To Our Community


Strong rural communities are the backbone of thriving ag businesses. We believe in contributing our time, talents and resources to support organizations that enrich our lives. That extends beyond southern Minnesota to state and national organizations that have an impact on our industry.


Our family is active in St. John’s Lutheran Church, the Mankato Area Foundation board, Taylor Farm Foundation and the University of Minnesota Alumni board. We’re often invited to advise numerous policy development organizations in Washington D.C. and St. Paul that influence rural living. 

Giving Back to our Community
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