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Farming Corn

Connect with Highland Family Farms

Are you interested in visiting our farm or working with us? We'd love to hear from you. Just send a message and someone will be in touch.


Here are just a few reasons people reach out:

  • We are always open to expanding our farm. If you're a landlord who wants to sell or rent to a farm family that will care for your soil, let's talk.

  • We can help businesses offset carbon credits to be more sustainable.

  • We work with universities and other groups to share best practices for regenerative agriculture. 

  • We enjoy hosting people to share the story of our family and show organic, crop and livestock farming in action.

  • We offer cover crop consultation and custom planting services. 

  • We are interested in supplying new and local businesses with our crops and commodities. Message us if you'd like to purchase our products for your business.

Thanks for your message! We'll be in touch.

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